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Call for 2014-2015 Seminar Speakers

(May 2014)

The CTSN had a fantastic seminar series this year and we hope to continue our CTSN Seminar Series with a great line-up next year.  We especially want to include speakers and topics relevant to the CTSN mission that we have not covered recently.  We have had several seminars related to social behavior, autism and oxytocin, but the CTSN is much broader than this.  We would like to maintain the breadth of scope of the CTSN but that requires participation and input from the entire CTSN membership.  Please send suggestions for speakers to Larry Young at

CTSN 2013-2014 seminar series:

  • Oxytocin receptors in the nonhuman primate brain (28Aug2013, Sara Freeman, Emory University)
  • Cortical plasticity improves sensory perception (22Nov2013, Robert Froemke, New York University)
  • Social Reward and Oxytocin– Basic Mechanisms and Autism Pathogenesis (25Feb2014, Gul Dolan, Johns Hopkins)
  • UGA/Emory Symposium on the Biology of Family and Social Relationships (07Mar2014)
  • Neural Mechanisms of Diversity in Social Behavior (31Mar2014, Catherine Barrett, Emory University)
  • What can we learn about empathy by studying psychopathy (03Apr2014, Jean Decety, University of Chicago)
  • The Importance of being earnest, or at least appropriate: How to publish and communicate your Science (24Apr2014, Chris Gunter, Emory University)
  • Genetic, neural and hormonal influences on social cognition (14May2014, David Skuse, University Coll London)