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The Chemistry Between Us

Release 13 Sept 2012.

A government official has an affair; a mother attacks another parent in defense of a child; a friend seems to lose all common sense around an attractive guy or girl. Why does love make us do crazy things? Science finally has the answer.

In THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN US: Love, Sex and the Science of Attraction (Sept. 13) neuroscientist Larry Young, Ph.D. and journalist Brian Alexander present the latest research in social neuroscience, explaining why love and lust are such strong catalysts for bizarre changes in personality and behavior.

Drawing on human stories and cutting-edge research from around the world, Young and Alexander explain the fascinating science behind questions such as:

  • Why is there a “female” and a “male” brain – and what does that mean for our understanding of gender and sexuality?
  • What’s the difference in brain chemistry between a woman with a new baby and one with a new boyfriend? (hint: not much)
  • Why do we cheat, and why are some people genetically more likely to cheat?
  • What makes two people conclude that they not only would like to, but must, spend the rest of their lives together?

The behaviors that govern our lives – physical attraction, jealousy, infidelity, mother-infant bonding – are finally teased out of the fog of mystery in THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN US.

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